Marketing is key in any business, but when it comes to small businesses, finding the balance between costs and benefit and professional and personal means that there is no one roadmap for formulating a plan. Luckily, between the assets, opportunities and experiences the show offers and our amazing community of creative small business owners, there are lots of resources to set you on the path that makes the most sense for you! Below, you will find an overview of some of the marketing tools, resources and opportunities you can begin to build into your marketing plan for #ooak19



Today, a strong brand with a clear vision is a vital part of running a successful business. Identifying your brand mission and values will help you filter projects and opportunities through this lens and only focus your precious time and energy on those that will have the most impact on your business.

Within the context of shows, this is especially important in defining what sets you apart from other exhibitors in the same category. We know that most of our shoppers come out to walk the show from end to end, but it is up to you to make an impact. Find your unique selling proposition and build it into everything from your branding to merchandising and selling story, so that customers are motivated to buy from you on the spot or remember your story when it comes time to make their purchases.

Ask yourself:

  • What is your unique value?
  • What is it about your story that has these people coming to you?
  • How you can build on that to find other like-minded customers and makers to expand your community?

As you build your marketing plan for the #ooak19, keep your brand values and unique selling proposition at the forefront of your mind to create a cohesive story that will have customers lining up to shop from you at the show!



Whether this is your first or fortieth show, participating in One Of A Kind is cause for celebration! We are proud to showcase the best creatives in the country and couldn’t be more thrilled to count you among our community. So, here you will find some assets to help you share with the world that you are on your way to OOAK!


Right click on the images below and select Save Image As to download.

One Of A Kind Logo

One of a Kind Vendor Seal


Our logos are created with paid fonts, but if you want to mimic the look for your promotions, here are the corresponding free fonts.

  • Libre Baskerville (Normal 400) for logo lettering and headers.
  • Open Sans Light (Book 300) for accent lettering and body text.


Brand Colours  

HEX: #F9F1E1
RGB: 249 241 225
CMYK: 0 4 11 0
PMS: 9184 U

HEX: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
PMS: Neutral Black U
Winter 2019 Show Colours  
Cornflower Blue

RGB: 161 186 227
CMYK: 35 19 0 0
PMS: 7451 U

HEX: #780F21
RGB: 120 15 33
CMYK: 26 90 64 44
PMS: 187 U













Download these graphics to tell followers you will be at the One Of A Kind Show.



Want to create your own official booth number announcement?

We've created these Canva templates where you can fill in your own booth number and then download a copy to share! Just create an account in Canva--you can sign up quick with Google or Facebook--then click the images below to access the templates and add your booth number. Need more instructions? Click here for a step-by-step walkthrough.





Your One Of A Kind experience will be filled with marketing, PR and experiential opportunities that can help you gain exposure for your brand. Below, we've outlined a some of our recurring assets, so that you can start to build them in to your #ooak19 marketing plan. And in the weeks and months to come, we will provide more info and opportunities to make the most of your time at One Of A Kind!


  • First things first—give yourself the best chance to be selected for show marketing and PR opportunities by filling in your Artisan Profile and updating your One Of A Kind Online Shop. Our marketing and PR teams use these pages to source product for promotions, our show decorator selects products for onsite displays and in the weeks before the show, these pages will see a significant uptick in traffic as shoppers plan their must-see booths at the show. Make sure you are set up to capture all of these opportunities as soon as possible!
    • Plus, only those with completed profiles will be able to receive their booth number when they go live on October 18th.
  • Order One of a Kind Postcards to hand out at fall shows and include them with online orders so that customers can make a date to shop from you again at the show. Just fill out the form and let us know the quantity and we'll ship them to you free of charge!
  • Take advantage of lots of ticket options to invite your friends, family, followers, loyal customers and potential buyers to come see you at the show. Look out for us to share more information on these great tools in the fall. Till then, think of creative ways you can use them in your marketing and promotions.
    • e-Ticket Discount Link: In the back end of your Artisan Profile, you will find your unique e-ticket discount code/link, which you can use to offer $1 off tickets to the show. While early bird tickets are on sale, that is $3 off regular full ticket price, so plan to promote your code at least once before the early bird deadline and then again closer to the show. PLUS, we've got some great rewards for the exhibitors whose codes help bring the most customers out to shop from everyone at the show!
    • 10 Complimentary e-Tickets: Once you have paid in full, you will be able to access your 10 complimentary e-tickets. Use them wisely and invite your most valued visitors, like loyal customers that you know will spend big or that buyer you have been after. Once you receive your log in info, you will be able to send, track and manage your complimentary e-tickets through your personal ticketing portal.
    • $9 Exhibitor Tickets: If there are still people you would love to personally invite to the show, you can take advantage of the $9 Exhibitor Ticket rate to stock up on additional tickets. 
  • Club One is our loyalty program to reward customers who come back to the show again and again. All they have to do is purchase an advanced ticket to the next show and we'll provide them with access to the Club Lounge with free coffee, water and newspapers to keep them comfortable and energized for a busy day of shopping! We'll also provide them with a Club card that will give them a 5% discount on purchases made with participating vendors. We encourage you to connect with our most loyal customers by offering this small discount and in return will give you some extra promotion on our website and in the Show Guide.

And check out our overview of social media marketing below and look out for even more opportunities to connect with customers and promote your brand once our newsletters start in the fall!


  • Challenge your creativity and submit a piece for the #ooak19 Theme Competition. Each year, exhibitors create a unique piece in their medium that matches the theme of the show, and this year, we want you to help us create a colony of penguins.
  • Host an upcycled DIY Workshop to connect with new customers at the show! We provide the venue and supplies and you share your creativity and talent with our eager DIY enthusiasts!

And look out for more info on special onsite activations, like our Late Night live screenprinting of limited edition artisan-designed totes, when in the newsletters.



Social media marketing can be a powerful tool, if you learn how to use it right. We'll provide tools--like graphics and content prompts--to help you fill your social schedule, and we encourage you to reach out if you have questions or there is something you want to learn more about.

First, start by following One Of A Kind's consumer channels on social media, so that you get all the info on all of our upcoming consumer campaigns and promotions and can repost or adapt our content to promote your participation in the show. Then, connect with our team for info, special events and a behind-the-scenes look as we prepare for the show.



Then, start using our hashtags to connect with friends, followers and fellow exhibitors of One Of A Kind.

  • #ooak19: This is our event hashtag and one used by exhibitors and visitors alike.
  • #ooakdiaries: This one is just for you--the makers! We use #ooakdiaries to capture your process as you prepare for the show and we cap it all off with the #ooakdiaries Challenge in the weeks before and at the show.

We also encourage you to also use social media to build your maker community ahead of the show by joining the Artisan Facebook Group. Here, you can connect with the team and fellow exhibitors to exchange tips and resources and make sure you are up-to-date on your show prep.

A Few Dates to Mark on Your Social Media Content Calendar:

  • The Day You Get In To the Show: Show us your #ooakhappydance, repost this graphic or grab one of our logos to share the news that you are on your way to OOAK!
  • October 18: This is the day booth numbers will go live, so save a spot to tell everyone where they can find you at the show.
  • Mid-October: Look out for our Facebook Event page to be released, so that you can invite everyone to come see you at the show!
  • Starting on November 11th, we'll begin the #ooakdiaries challenge, three weeks of daily content prompts to help inspire your social media promotions.

And last, but not least, don't miss out on the chance to win our Social Media Award! At each show, we'll award one artisan who most creatively and consistently shares content, engages with customers and promotes the show our $100 grand prize. So, don't forget to use those hashtags--#ooak19 and #ooakdiaries--for your chance to win!

#ooakdiaries Challenge

The #ooakdiaries Challenge is almost here! Each year, we challenge exhibitors to maximize their social promotion in the weeks leading up to and at the show, with three weeks of content prompts to help inspire you. Play along a la carte or join the @ooak_team and do the whole thing--just make sure you are telling your story and reminding customers to come shop from you in those crucial weeks before the show!

Download a copy of the challenge, for reference, below and read an explanation of each hashtag here.

Read the hashtag explanations here.



Here at One Of A Kind, we use social media to educate, engage and communicate with all of you as we work together towards a common goal: to create a safe and honest space to exchange ideas/resources to help make the maker community as strong and successful as it can be! We are committed to reading every post and comment and providing answers, information and resources, whenever possible. Please note our social media accounts are not monitored 24/7.  A small team checks posts and comments during regular office hours and do their very best to respond to inquiries within 1 business day.

As a One Of A Kind exhibitor, you have agreed to partner with us and are responsible for how you represent the brand, both on our channels and yours in the online world. Similarly, we are committed to stand by and represent our exhibitors in a positive and respectful manner on every communications channels, whether they be through advertisement, social media, print articles, etc. With this, please remember that any discussions pertaining to the show should be constructive and aimed at starting a healthy conversation to help improve the show. Any personal issues or isolated concerns should be addressed through the proper channels.

We encourage a useful exchange of comments, questions and suggestions. However, postings on any of our social media sites must not contain any inappropriate information, including but not limited to hate speech (personal attacks on fellow exhibitors or the show itself, profanity, racism, etc.), graphic, obscene, explicit or illegal submissions as well as advertisements and accusatory comments. One Of A Kind reserves the right to delete any inappropriate content. If an individual violates this policy, we reserve the right to block individuals from posting. As a member of this community, we also encourage you to report any inappropriate content so that we can maintain our community standards. 

Please use these guidelines and resources and remember to start a discussion, not a fire. Let’s be productive and work together to make One Of A Kind and the craft community the best they can be!