As a One of a Kind exhibitor, you'll receive a complimentary membership to the One Of A Kind Online Shop! * Make sure you are taking advantage of this easy marketing tool to make the most of your One Of A Kind experience.

  • There are no membership fees ($0) to join the Shop!
  • You will receive the preferred 5% commission selling rate on every piece sold through the Online Shop.
  • PLUS, you'll benefit from year-round marketing blasts, promotions and PR that will attract new customers and strengthen your business with our existing customer base!

* Setting up in the Online Shop is a requirement of your participation in the show, but it is up to you whether you want to take full advantage of this complimentary marketing tool or you just want to set up a display-only shop that gives customers a preview of your work before they meet you at the show.




After you have signed and returned your contract, you will receive an email with your temporary Online Shop log in information. Once you have that information, you can log in and begin setting up your shop!



Click Here for Instructions to Set Up a Basic Online Shop

Click Here to  Access Our Full Online Shop Resource Centre




  • Shopping habits have changed in our always-on, tech-oriented culture:
    • There are no shortage of options available to shoppers at any one time.
    • Consumers now want to be able to connect with and learn about a brand on their path to making a purchase.
  • To provide a platform for you to elevate your craft and business with One Of A Kind by connecting you to our customers year-round.
  • To make the One Of A Kind brand present and relevant year-round so that we can engage with our current customers and appeal to the next generation who will continue to support the handmade revolution.
    • Engaging with our audience at every step of the way—from brand discovery through marketing and social media to planning their visits on the Online Shop and website; from experiencing the show in-person to reliving the best moments on social media and re-connecting with favorite artisans on the Online Shop.
    • Expanding the audience that comes out to shop from you at the show and provide you with more opportunities to gain exposure for your work under the trusted brand that One Of A Kind has built over the past 40+ years.
  • To expand our marketing, PR and media opportunities with a year-round commerce platform.
    • We get a lot of feedback from artisans wanting to be featured in our media campaigns and segments. The truth is, a lot of the people, companies and media outlets we partner with want to be able to link to the product for purchase, at a URL that reflects the partner they are working with.
    • Having ALL our exhibitors on the Online Shop gives everyone an opportunity to be included and a fair chance to be included in such promotions.




If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Online Shop Specialist, Oriana Doan