Whether this is your first, fourth or fortieth show, One Of A Kind can be a great platform for learning and growth. But our show is built on a partnership, and you will get from your experience what you put in. Modern makers need to be more than masters of their craft, they must wear all hats to run a successful business, and the same is true for your participation at the show. From booth design to marketing opportunities and successful onsite selling, each component will help set you up for success. We work hard to provide a platform for you to showcase your craft, flex your creativity and build your business and community. And we encourage you to take advantage of every resource and opportunity you can, and to reach out if you have any ideas you want to share. Together, we can make this Winter Show the best one yet!

So, let's get started!

  • Follow us on Instagram at @ooak_toronto to stay up-to-date with the show and at @ooak_team for a behind-the-scenes look as we get ready for #ooak19!
  • Join the Artisan Facebook Group to start connecting with and learning from your fellow exhibitors. Use the search function to access years of practical knowledge and advice on all of our most FAQs. Can't find what you are looking for? Post your question to the group so fellow exhibitors can chime in!
  • In early September, you'll start to receive our Artisan Newsletters which will guide you through your pre-show prep. 
  • Then in mid-September, the Exhibitor Kit will go live right here on the Artisan Site, and you'll find all the info and order forms you'll need to prepare for the logistics of the show.

Till then, browse through this site and start to make your marketing plan, plan your booth display and get familiar with the basics that will help you on your way to OOAK! 

And don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!