Make the most of every opportunity--and even earn some extra cash--during your time at One of a Kind! In addition to our referral program and e-ticket incentive program, here are some ways to increase your exposure and return-on-investment at the show.

Best Booth Award

Our Best Booth Awards go out to exhibitors who go the extra mile when putting together their display! Judged by visual merchandising expert, Ani Nersessian of VM ID, each booth is reviewed to consider these basic criteria:

  • Good Lighting: We cannot stress enough how essential proper lighting is to an effective booth display. Dim booth stand out in the aisles--and not in a good way! Make sure your booth is bright and puts the focus on your beautiful work.
  • Clear Branding: You have the width of your booth to capture passing shoppers' attention--make sure you have clear signage and a well-designed space so that they can easily find you from the aisles.
  • Good Use of Space: Is your booth easy to enter? Engaging? Well merchandised? Are there are considerations you should take to consider your how your customers will interact in the space--ex. if you sell children's clothes, make sure you have room for moms with strollers.
  • Creativity: This what we're all here for, so show us your personality! Customers should get a sense of your brand and personality just from a glance at your space, whether it is through signage, colours, merchandising or display structures.

Our judge will select winners in five different categories, based on booth size:

  • Heavyweight (150 sq feet and up): $150 + preferred placement in next year's show
  • Middleweight (75 and 100 sq ft): $100 + preferred placement in next year's show
  • Featherweight (50 sq ft): $75 + preferred placement in next year's show
  • Rookie of the Year (Rising Stars): $50 + preferred placement in next year's show
  • Plus, one Marketplace exhibitor will receive honourable mention and preferred placement at next year's show.

‚Äč‚ÄčThere is no need to enter--you are eligible for our Best Booth Awards just by exhibiting in the show. Winners will be announced in the onsite newsletter and on social media, plus our judge will provide a detailed breakdown on why each winner was selected.

Need Some Help Getting Started?


The One of a Kind Theme Competition

We know our show requires a lot of logistical preparations, but we want you to have the chance to flex your creative muscles too! So, each year, we challenge exhibitors to create a one of a kind piece in their medium that represents the show's theme. We display the entries in the Centre Aisle to give you extra exposure at the show entrance and a panel of special judges select three winners who will receive cash prizes for their hard work and creativity! Customers will also have the chance to vote for the Fan Favourite to be announced after the show!

Click here for more information on this year's competition.


One of a Kind Centre Display

Each year, our show designer creates a One of a Kind Centre Display using fabulous products from you, the exhibitors. She will shopp her picks from the Online Shop--so be sure to update yours as soon as possible to boost your chances of being selected--and she will reach out to privately request products that fit this year's theme.

* During move-in, listen for announcements on the Show floor for when you can drop your piece off in the centre aisle. You will be able to pick them up again during move-out.


One of a Kind Fashion Shows 

Our fashion shows highlight the works of our talented clothing and accessories designers. Erika Larva is back with a daily schedule of runway events filled with One of a Kind women’s and kid’s fashions!


  • Fashion District exhibitors can submit one garment for our Fashion District show. All other exhibitors can submit a maximum of two pieces for the fashion shows.
  • To participate, simply pre-package and load your fashion show submissions so that they are the first to be unloaded when you get onsite. Then, drop them off to the Fashion Show co-ordinators in Salon 106 during move in.
  • Products will be returned to you after the last fashion show they are featured in.


Contact Erika Larva at elarva@monarcheventsgroup.com.


DIY Workshops

Want to share your craft and the DIY spirit with One of a Kind shoppers? Host a workshop at the holiday show to help us foster a strong appreciation for handmade and introduce yourself new customers. We are looking for 2-3 exhibitors to host workshops (dates and times will be confirmed) on the show floor in the DeSerres Art School. We can accomodate a maximum of 25 students, who must be able to finish the project within the one hour. In exchange, DeSerres will provide the supplies and we'll give you a $100 honorarium and some extra social promo.


Look out for more info on applying to host one of our DIY workshops in the coming weeks.




Do you know a fellow maker that would be a great fit for One Of A Kind? Spread the love and encourage them to apply to join you at the show and, if they're accepted, we'll say thanks with some sweet perks.


So, tell your friends to grab an application at www.oneofakindshow.com/apply and to list your name on the form under "How Did You Hear About the Show?". If they are accepted, and your name is there, we'll send you our thanks so that you can celebrate at the show!