Be sure to remind your customers about the following free services at the show!

Club One

"Club One" is our One of a Kind Show loyalty program, which rewards customers who purchase a ticket to the next show. As a club member, they receive access to the Club Lounge* with free coffee, water and newspapers, plus a 5% discount on purchases from participating exhibitors. We encourage you to participate in this rewards program by offering Club Members who show their card a 5% off of their purchase.

We'll put you in a dedicated listing in the Artisan Profiles, give you promo in the Show Program and Club Lounge and provide a "I accept Club One" sign for your booth.


Deadline: Friday, October 11, 2019.

* The Club Lounge is reserved for customers only.



Customers with small children (ages 2-8) can leave them with our professional daycare staff at the One of a Kind Family Centre at the south end of row M (a 1.5 hour maximum). The daycare is for the customer use only; exhibitors must make alternate arrangments for their own children.



First Aid

Customers or exhibitors requiring first aid can visit the first aid room located in Room B2 (in the Galleria of Hall B). Hours of operation are the same as those of the Show.



Parcel Check

Customers can leave their purchases at the Parcel Check (located at the south end of row T), as they continue to walk around the show. Our staff will check your shopping bags and even carry them to the Show exit (outside of Hall B East of Enercare Centre), free of charge! Please note this service is for show customers only.



Re-admission (FREE)

Your customers can come back for free anytime throughout the rest of the show! Remind them to pick up their free re-admit pass at the exits located at the end of rows B, L and Y, so that they can shop from you again.