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We are always working to revise and refine our practices to create the best show possible, through feedback from exhibitors, customers and our experiences at the show. If you've been with One of a Kind for a while now, you've pretty much got things down pat. So, here is the place where you will find updates on things we have changed to improve the One of a Kind experience. Before each show, take a quick peek at this page, to make sure you are on top of the latest initiatives and show regulations for a smooth and successful show!


NEW FOR 2018-2019


This summer, we were hard at work on a refresh to the One of a Kind brand identity and purpose. We are so thrilled with the new look and feel of our brand, and we hope you are too! For more information on our rebrand, click here.



We've introduced an exciting new contest to help you make the most of your e-ticket discount code! As always, for every 10 tickets that are bought using your code, we'll give you an additional complimentary ticket at next year's show. Then, new this year, we've got rewards for those who reach the 50 and 100 ticket mark AND prizes for our three biggest ticket sellers.

  • 50 Tickets: OOAK Drink Ticket + 5 Bonus Comp Tickets for This Year’s Show
  • 100 Tickets: OOAK Lunch Ticket ($25) + 10 Bonus Comp Tickets for This Year’s Show
  • Bronze: $50 Show Dollars
  • Silver: $100 Show Dollars
  • Gold: Preferred Booth Placement and a OOAK trophy and sash!

There is no better way to set yourself up for great sales at the show, than to bring out fans, followers and customers who are already fans of your work, so take advantage of this extra bit of promo to encourage them to come out and shop from you!

Click here for more info on the e-ticket discount code or our incentive program.



Last year, we introduced complimentary membership to the One of a Kind Online Shop as part of your participation in the One of a Kind Show. This change came about for many reasons, most importantly that buying habits have changed and customers now need many touchpoints to get to know a brand/product before they feel ready to buy. The Online Shop is a great way for us to connect you and your brand with customers before they even get to the show, though our marketing eblasts, PR and promotions and the e-commerce platform itself. Now, in order to make this process run even more smoothly, we will be connecting your Online Shop right to our Artisan Profile portal. Just upload a brand profile pic--it should be a recognizable picture of your work or brand creative--and a bio that will display on our profiles page, then customers can click right through to your Online Shop to see (and even buy) your collection of work.

Make sure to update your Artisan Profile and Online Shop, so that you are ready to go when this change comes into effect!



We've introduced two new ticket options our regular offering!

  • Early Bird Pricing: New this year, customers who purchase an online ticket to the show before January 31, can take advantage of our $13 early bird rate. After that, online and onsite, tickets will be $15 each. Note: this discount will also apply to your e-ticket promo code, ie. $13 - $1 = $12 online ticket before January 31, $15 - $1 = $14 from February 1 through to onsite.
  • University Students: We want art and craft to be accessible to people of all ages, whether to start cultivating "quality over quantity" shopping habits now or to inspire the next generation of artists/makers. So, we're introducing our University Student ticket ($13 with ID, at the door) and working on plans for a "Campus Night" at the show.



We’ve updated the outline of our acceptance criteria to create a more transparent statement about what exactly goes into reviewing and selection each participant in the show.

Read our full breakdown here.



We are committed to creating an open and honest dialogue with and between all of you about the show, your success and struggles, and how we can all work together towards our common goals. But we also want to make sure that our channels are a safe space, where everyone feels comfortable and no one fears public defamation or retribution for sharing their opinions, so we’ve created new guidelines for communicating on our social channels.

Read our new policy in full here.



NEW FOR 2017



We are thrilled to announce that membership in the Online Shop is now complimentary to all exhibitors! This exciting evolution of the One of a Kind brand will help us connect you with customers, build excitement for the show, and create a strong and stable platform to build your business with OOAK year-round. We know that there have been some questions around this change so we'd like to take the opportunity to address those now.

Having a presence in the Online Shop is now a required part of your participation in the show. You can choose to take full advantage and set up a top-notch shop or simply use it to promote your work—it’s up to you! One of a Kind will take a 5% commission on every sale. With year-round marketing blasts, newsletters and marketing, social and PR opportunities, you really will get what you give to the Online Shop experience!

So, let’s go over the basics of fulfilling your Online Shop requirements.

  1. Your Company Profile: Tell us a bit about yourself, your materials and what makes you One of a Kind.
  2. Logo, Banner and Headshot: Add a headshot for you and a logo for your company, and add a customized banner or use our default design.
  3. Four Products and Descriptions: We recommend adding your bestsellers, but it’s up to you. You also decide whether shoppers can buy online or just browse by setting your shipping options.

Got it? Visit oneofakindonlineshop.com/artisan.php to sign in and get started.
Need More? Click here for more detailed instructions on setting up a basic online shop.
Still Have Questions? Contact Oriana at oriana@oneofakindshow.com or 416-512- 3471.



We’ve also cleaned up, condensed and updated our exclusivity clause to reflect the changing craft show landscape. As always, this clause is in place to help us create a unique One of a Kind Shopping experience. We heavily market and promote the fact that the artisans and products found at The One of a Kind Show are unique and cannot be found everywhere, especially in and around the Toronto area. So, we embrace artisans who understand and believe in our philosophy and whose product is not available in other consumer shows 30 days before, during and 30 days after the dates of our event within a 30-kilometre radius of the Show.

We’ve included the full updated clause below and encourage you to let us know if you have any questions.

“Exhibitor” (including agents) or their craft (including non-contracted items) are not found or sold at any other event within a 30km radius of the Enercare Centre 30 days before, during or 30 days after the One of a Kind Spring Show.

“Exhibitor” can participate in any show with 40 or fewer exhibitors or a duration of 1 calendar day or less, provided it does not occur 7 days before, during or 7 days after the One of a Kind Spring Show.



NEW FOR 2016



Instead of mailing your move-in badges to you ahead of time, we will have them available as you enter the buidling during move-in.



We’ve moved the Fashion District shows to the Main Stage to showcase all of our amazing designers’ creations in one space. Plus, you’ll no longer need to fill out the Fashion Show Participation Form beforehand.

NOTE: Fashion District exhibitors can submit one garment for the show and will also have the opportunity to submit a piece for consideration in our new fashion installation, which will take the place of the Fashion District stage. All other exhibitors can submit a maximum of two pieces for the fashion shows.

To participate, simply pre-package and load your fashion show submissions so that they are the first to be unloaded when you get onsite. Then, drop them off to the Fashion Show co-ordinators in Salon 106 during move in (November 21 and 22). Products will be returned to you after the last fashion show they are featured in. If you have any questions, please contact Erika Larva, elarva@monarcheventsgroup.com.



We have made some changes to our re-sign procedures to help to alleviate the crowd on re-sign morning.

  • Members of our Heritage Club, who have been with the show for 25+ years, will simply be required to hand in their re-sign form before the show comes to a close and will receive priority placement as a thank you for more than two decades of loyalty and outstanding craftsmanship.
  • Exhibitors in the Flavours section are also asked to simply hand in their re-sign form before the end of the show. As the Flavours section is essentially its own mini-floorplan, these re-signs will be accepted separately and placement of exhibitors within this section will be at the discretion of show management.

We've also increased the deposit amount that you submit with your re-sign form to $500. This is the first time in 10+ years we have increased this amount and it was, in large part, due to exhibitor feedback that explained it is often easier to pay a larger portion of the booth with cash flow from the Winter Show.



As soon as you have paid in full, you will access your 10 complimentary e-tickets electronically by logging into the Exhibitor Kit. Share these tickets with family and friends, host contests to build buzz, reward loyal customers or invite that store you've been hoping to meet with. For more information and detailed instructions, please login to your profile. 

Note: Codes will only be available to you once we have both your signed contract and full payment.