As a participant at the One Of A Kind Show, there are many opportunities where your products may be requested for photo shoots, TV segments, newspaper stories, social content consideration, or onsite displays/showcase.

In the event your products are selected for any PR or marketing opportunities, first off, congratulations! Below, we have outlined some general terms so that you know what to expect. Please make sure you take the time to read/review any releases or documentations when your products are being requested.

  • We cannot guarantee that your items will be selected/photographed included, nor can we ensure that your products will be featured; however, this is a fantastic marketing opportunity and we really hope you will be able to participate
  • We try to give you plenty of time to select and send products, unfortunately, tight deadlines do occur, and in those instances, please select the best shipping options to ensure timely product delivery.
  • Please note that we cannot return body care and food products if they are opened/sampled.
  • All items borrowed are handled with the utmost care, however, One Of A Kind/Informa Canada cannot assume responsibility for lost, soiled, damaged products, or any breakage.
  • In most instances your products will be returned to you, however, there are times when your product(s) will not be returned. One Of A Kind will provide more info upon request of products.