Coin Service

Coin service will be available in the room at the south end of row J. Coin service will be available one hour before the Show opens to one hour after the show closes. There is a flat fee of $4.00 for each transaction up to a maximum of $300.


Display Tags

A number of different tags will be available at the badge pick-up tables during move-in:

  • "Under $30" - highlight products in your booth that are less expensive, great gift ideas, and under $30.
  • "New Product" - highlight products that are new to your line with these cards.
  • "Only available at the One of a Kind Show" - highlight products exclusive to the One of a Kind Show.

If you run out of tags, see the Customer Service Desk while quantities last. If you do not require these tags, please offer them to another exhibitor or return them to the Customer Service Desk.


Exhibitor Entrance

You can enter and exit the Show prior to opening at the NorthEast roll-up door at Enercare Centre. You may enter the Show 2 hours before Show opening each day with the exception of opening day when you can enter at 7:00am. Please use this entrance if you need to re-stock your booth. If you wish to enter an additional hour before show opening, please sign the security binder located in the show office (Room C2, upstairs) the night before you wish to arrive early.

The exhibitor entrance is located at the south end of row B. There is also a badge pick-up desk located there so that you may leave badges for your staff to pick-up. For security purposes, please leave at the designated exit doors and not through the Main Entrance.


Exhibitor Lounge

The Exhibitor Lounge is located on the Show floor in room C1, at the south end of row L. The room is equipped with refrigerators, coffee machines, teakettles, and microwaves. A staff person will also be in the room. Help yourself to a hot cup of coffee or tea--just make sure to bring your own mug! Please be also courteous to your fellow exhibitors and clean up after yourselves.


Show Office

The Show Office is located on the second floor in room C2. From the galleria, take the elevator across from Café Soleil up to the second floor; the room is on the right when you get off the elevator. Visit the Show Office if you would have any questions or if you would like to speak with Show Management.


Order Desk Hours

For your convenience, the Enercare Centre, ShowTech and Stronco will have order desks on-site to help you with any problems with your orders or if you would like to place any last-minute orders. Please contact a representative at their order desks with your requests or concerns.

Enercare Centre Service Order Desk 
Located off the Galleria next to Salon 106

Services: Parking Passes

Monday, March 23 TBC
Tuesday, March 24 TBC
Wednesday, March 25 TBC 
Thursday, March 26 TBC 
Friday, March 27 Closed - Duty Phone
Saturday, March 28 Closed - Duty Phone
Sunday, March 29 Closed - Duty Phone


SHOWTECH Service Order Desk
Located off the Galleria next to Salon 106
Services: Electrical, Lighting, Phone, Internet
Monday, March 23 TBC
Tuesday, March 24 TBC
Wednesday, March 25 TBC
Thursday, March 26 TBC
Friday, March 27 TBC
Saturday, March 28 TBC
Sunday, March 29 TBC


Stronco Service Order Desk
North end of Aisle H
Services: Pipe & Drape, Carpet, Tables, Hard Walls, Forklifting

Monday, March 23 TBC
Tuesday, March 24 TBC
Wednesday, March 25 TBC



One of a Kind Show Dollars

As a promotional incentive, the One of a Kind Show distributes "One of a Kind Show Dollars" which are valid as cash at the One of a Kind Show. Customers can purchase them online or onsite at the Advance Ticket Counter located near the box office. Show Dollars come in the form of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 bills. See the samples pictured below so that you will recognize them. Should a customer redeem this money at your booth, please ensure that it has our embossed seal on it. You can then trade it in for cash onsite at the Advance Ticket Booth.


Note: the Show Dollars shown below are older versions that are being phased out but are still acceptable.

OOAK shopping dollars

Older but still valid style of OOAK shopping dollar

If a customer gives you a Gift Certificate print out (pictured below), do not accept it. The customer must take the print out to the Advance Ticket booth to redeem for "One of a Kind Show Dollars".