Welcome to your overview of the #ooak19 season. Here, you'll get a sense of what to expect as we work towards the final exam, the Winter Show. Each week, you'll receive an overview of weekly tasks right to your inbox, and we'll link each one here too, as the weeks go by. We'll also be keeping an interactive checklist of weekly units in the Facebook Group, if that's more your style.

Either way, we hope you are ready and excited to make the most of your time with One Of A Kind! And if you have any questions, we are happy to help!


SEPT 12: Welcome to One of A Kind

It's been a big year of ideas and research for us. Get to know some of our exciting new plans for One Of A Kind, at the Winter Show and beyond.

SEPT 19: On My Way to #ooak19

Now, we dive into show prep. Take the first crucial steps towards setting yourself up for success at the show, and take advantage of some great extra credit opportunities!

OCT 3: Exhibitor Kit is Live

Get familiar with all of the guidelines, logistics and services you'll need for the show when our digital Exhibitor Kit is released on this site. You'll also get helpful info on booth design reglations, style guidelines and best practices. Need help building your booth? Visit our Best Booth Pinterest Boards or book a consultation with our booth design expert Ani of VM ID.

OCT 10: Make Marketing Plans

Learn a bit about our marketing plans for the Winter Show, andlearn how to take advantage of One Of A Kind creative in your own marketing and promotions.

OCT 18: Booth Numbers are Live

On Friday, October 18, your booth number will be available in your Artisan Profile at www.oneofakindshow.com/artisans. Your booth number will only show up if you have signed and returned their contract, updated their profile and paid in full, so make sure you are ready in time.

OCT 24: Extra Curriculars

We'll share our plans for onsite programming, for vendors and shoppers, help you tackle hiring sales help and connect you with Nick Lafontaine Photography to get great product photos taken onsite.

WEEK 7: Health + Safety

Make sure you are up-to-date on all the importanthealth and safety regulations, protocols and requirements for the show.

WEEK 8: Last Minute Reminders

We'll do one last round of up of important reminders and last calls for onsite opportunities before we all meet at the show.

Nov 20: Onsite Info

The night before the show, we'll send you all the quick links and important onsite info you'll need so it's at the top of your inbox for opening day!

Post-Show: Post- Show Letter

After the show, we'll share out findings, success stories and favourite moments with all of you. Plus, we'll send around a survey so that you can share helpful feedback on the show. Make sure to take note of anything you think of onsite so that you can help us keep improving the show each year!