Children on the Show Floor During Move-In/Out

During move-in and move-out, the show floor can be a very dangerous area with vehicles, cherry pickers, and forklifts moving through the aisles, and nails and other debris left behind. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its applicable regulations, absolutely no children aged 15 or under are allowed onto the show floor during these times.

Complimentary child care will be provided in the Family Care Centre at the south end of row M between 4:00pm - 9:00pm on Monday, March 23 and 12:00pm - 7:00pm on Tuesday, March 24. Child care will also be provided during move-out on Sunday, March 29, from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.  You are welcome to use this service. 

Please complete the childcare request form if you need this service, and submit it by Friday, March 6, 2020, otherwise, the service cannot be guaranteed. Alternatively, exhibitors must make arrangements for their children to be cared for off-site during both move-in and move-out.

Outside of the listed complimentary daycare hours, there will be an unsupervised room, right next to the daycare centre at the south of aisle N, available for use during move-in and move-out. Children staying here must be accompanied by an adult.

DEADLINE: Friday, March 6, 2020



Fire Proofing 

All display materials such as fabric, carpeting, etc. must be fireproofed or made of a fire retardant material. Foam core is absolutely forbidden.

In accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and its applicable regulations, fireproofing cannot take place on the Show floor during move-in. Please make arrangements to have any drapes, carpeting, etc. treated ahead of time. We recommend using either of the following two companies:

Contact: Amie Hingston
Tel. 1-866-384-2202

Entreprise JD
4555, Boulevard des Grandes-Prairies, bureau 65, Montreal, QC
Tel. 1-800-567-8245

NOTE: Enercare Centre fire regulations require any booth with a covered roof or contained area to have a fire extinguisher at all times. Additionally, any exhibitors who make products that use an open flame in their display (ie. candles, oil lamps, glassware, ceramics, etc.) or if candles are part of your décor, you must comply with their safety regulations (PDF). 



Occupational Health & Safety

All participants at the One of a Kind Spring Show are reminded that workplace and worker safety is everyone's responsibility. All participants at the show must comply with the legislation contained in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (the green book) and its applicable regulations, which are governed by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, more information can be found here. All exhibitor personnel involved with the move-in and/or move-out process (ie. material handling, erecting/dismantling exhibits, etc.) MUST wear appropriate footwear at all times during move-in and move-out, regardless of their booth size or location on the show floor. Note, flip flops, open toed and high heel shoes are not allowed. Steel toed shoes must be worn where required. In order to ensure that everyone understands the importance of this policy, all exhibitors are required to fill out and submit the Workplace Safety Declaration Form posted below prior to move-in.

DEADLINE: Friday, March 13, 2020


Open Flame

The following conditions are required to be met in order for the booth / owner to be in compliance:

  1. Flame(s) shall NOT be used solely to attract attention.
  2. The display must be supervised by booth staff at all times otherwise the display is required to be extinguished.
  3. The use of an open flame is limited to certain articles of merchandise where the operation of an approved appliance or device definitely helps to promote the sale of such merchandise.
  4. Where candles are offered for sale, not more than four (4) candles may be lit at any one time (assessed on a case by case basis).
  5. An approved fire extinguisher must be easily accessible and have a current inspections certificate.
  6. Lit candles must have a solid non-combustible base and flames must be enclosed with a hurricane or chimney.
  7. Candles must be placed on a table or stable surface with no combustible obstructions above.
  8. All containers should be placed well away from table decorations, drapes or any other potentially combustible materials.
  9. Candles shall be prohibited in areas where occupants stand or are near an aisle or exit.
  10. Lit displays should not be concentrated in one location.
  11. If at any time an Inspector deems a display to be dangerous to public safety, he/she will require the display to be extinguished.



Exhibitors who wish to have a ceiling in their both must first obtain permission from show management. Once permission has been granted, exhibitors with ceilings must adhere to the following:

  • a covered roof/ceiling will require the material, whether fabric or a hard surface, be fire treated. (Green Dolphin provides a variety of fire treatment services)
  • the fire treatment must be done before exhibitor move-in
  • exhibitor must provide proof of fire treatment to show management before show opening
  • exhibitor must provide their own 5 lbs. ABC fire extinguisher that is visible and accessible always during the show. Their booth staff must be trained on its use (here is an online training course:

Safety and Security Onsite

The One Of A Kind Show is staffed 24-hours a day in the exhibit hall from set-up day through tear-down. In addition to this protection, however, we strongly suggest you take the following precautions:

  • During move-in and move-out, do not leave your product unattended at any time. After you have finished setting up your booth, secure it and your product before leaving.
  • When planning the layout of your booth, consider where your valuables will be placed. Try to plan it so that you do not have your back to your customers.
  • Make sure your business insurance is up to date and covers you for the duration of the Show, including move-in and move-out. Click here for information about insurance for the Show.
  • Wear your badge at all times, including move-in and move-out, to help us identify anyone who does not belong in the hall. If you are not wearing your badge during these times, you will be asked to leave the Show Floor.
  • Do not leave your keys or valuables (such as purses, cash boxes, credit card slips, or stock) in your vehicle at any time.
  • During Show hours, keep personal items, like purses and wallets, locked up and out of sight from the public. DO NOT leave them behind drapes or underneath tables. This is the first place that is targeted. Ideally, purses, wallets, cashboxes, etc. should be locked in a cabinet.
  • Do not leave any cash or credit card slips in your booth when you are not there. Wear a money belt so you know where your money is at all times. Make daily bank deposits. Remember to walk to and from the exhibit hall with someone, especially if carrying large sums of money. See the last point on this page for the security escort service provided by Exhibition Place.
  • Get authorization for credit card purchases while the customer is still in your booth. The Show Office (Room C2) will not make overhead announcements for declined credit cards.
  • Keep perimeter fire doors closed at all times. Never prop open a fire door.
  • Don’t leave your booth unattended. Be sure to be at your booth before show opening, and at show closing. If you need to eat or take a break, ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your booth or arrange a booth sitter.
  • It takes time for all customers to exit the building; please do not leave if customers are still on the Show Floor.
  • We strongly recommend that you completely close off the front of your booth each night with a cloth, mesh, netting, etc. that will prohibit anyone from entering your booth when you are not there. Remember to store valuables away from the perimeter of your booth, and always take inventory of your stock on a nightly basis.
  • All Exhibition Place, Enercare Centre staff and Showtech have photo identification. Be sure to ask to see it if someone approaches you about checking something in or behind your booth.
  • Report unsafe or suspicious behaviour to the Show Office (416-263-3202) or One of a Kind Floor Staff immediately! You can also call Exhibition Place security services 24-hour line at 416-263-3333.
  • If you or someone else has been involved in an incident we should be aware of, please submit a report here
  • Upon request, Exhibition Place Security Services will provide a security escort to anyone who does not feel comfortable walking to their mode of transportation. Make arrangements by calling Exhibition Place Security Services at 416-263-3333. Advise the operator of your request for a security escort, provide your name, description and location, and wait at your location for Security Staff to attend. Please be sure to schedule your security escort early in the day.



Theft or damage occurred within your booth overnight or outside of Show hours:

  • If you discover that product within your booth was stolen or damaged overnight or outside of Show hours, please notify the Show Office or inform the One of a Kind Floor Staff who will be wearing burnt orange coloured STAFF shirts. They will send a Show Security guard to your booth to take a detailed incident report for future reference. Depending on the value of the theft or damage you may also want to call the non-emergency Police to file a Police report (non-emergency Police phone number is on previous page). There are security cameras in the exhibit hall, however, only the Police are allowed to access the footage which they can do as part of their investigation if you file a report with them.

Theft or damage occurs within your booth (or someone else’s) during Show hours:

  • If you did NOT witness the theft or damage: follow the instructions listed above.
  • If you DID witness theft from a booth: you can either call 911 immediately (followed by notifying the Show Office team) or immediately notify the Show Office, a One of a Kind Floor Staff or the Show Security directly. Show Security will take a detailed report from you and/or other witnesses including description of the person(s) involved as well as a description and value of the items taken or damaged. Show Security will notify Exhibition Place Security and together they will search for the suspect within the building. If found, they can detain the suspect, who you have positively identified, until police arrive. Note, if you aren’t able to positively identify the suspect, Show Security will still be able to help search for the suspect and even speak to the suspect, however, they will not be able to detain them.

You have found a lost child or a parent informs you of their missing child:

  • If you have a child in your booth who has become separated from their parents, take their full name and either call the Show Office (416-263-3202) who will then make an overhead announcement for the parents or notify the One of a Kind Show Floor Staff at one of the locations indicated on the attached floor plan and they will contact Show Office via two-way radio.
  • If a parent informs you of their missing child, try to take down a description of what the child is wearing, hair & eye colour, height, age and name. Either call Show Office (416-263-3202) or notify the One of a Kind Floor Staff who are trained in how to respond to this type of situation.

An exhibitor or show visitor is ill or needs medical treatment:

  • There will be a dedicated first aid attendant available at all times during official Show hours in Room B2 (access to this room is from the Galleria outside of Hall B.
  • If you encounter a sick or injured person, make them as comfortable as possible without moving him or her. Stay with the person and notify Show Office (416-263-3202) or a One of a Kind Floor Staff who will summon the attendant via two-way radio. After giving the location and details, the first aid attendant and the Show Office will have a plan of action for where the Ambulance will be received, if needed.

You have found a wallet/purse in the washroom or a credit card has been left in your booth, etc.:

  • If you find a lost object, please bring it to the Customer Service Centre (located in the centre aisle across from booth G19) or the Show Office in Salon 110. Please note overhead announcements will not be made for lost and found items.

You have discovered a fire:

  • Leave the fire area and sound building alarm (fire pull stations are located at all exit doors). Notify the fire department by calling 911. Use stairs (not elevators) to exit the building.

A building evacuation has been ordered:

  • Enercare Centre is equipped with a two (2) stage alarm. During the 1st stage of an alarm, exhibitors must stop all sales and listen to the announcements through the public address (P.A.) system. Upon hearing the 2nd stage alarm (rapid tone), everyone will be advised via overhead P.A. system to evacuate the building. Proceed to the nearest Show floor exit immediately – do not remain with your product! Note, elevators cannot be used. Exhibitors should assemble with Show Management outside of the Beanfield Centre (corner of Princes' Blvd. and Newfoundland Road) to await further instructions. During an evacuation, the Coat Check will be closed and will only resume when the All Clear announcement has been made. Once it is deemed safe by fire officials to return to the building the following re-admit order will take place:
    Show Security → Show Management & Show Staff → Exhibitors → Visitors