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About the Artist

Audrey H Smith

Caledon, ON

Booth 220


I am a Canadian contemporary figurative painter. I’ve always been an artist, usually finding a way to manifest it in the messiest, most expressive way possible. In fact, that energy, the visceral nature of my brushstrokes and unapologetic mark making are the elements that characterize my work. I coax chaos, believing that both construction and deconstruction are equally critical factors in successful creation. For this reason, I work on wood panel - canvas just wouldn’t survive! When you see my work, you’ll discover that much of the line work, the original sketch, is still visible. You may see words partially obscured or remnants of another painting still visible. Though I use paint quite liberally, I’ve begun to experiment with a thinner application of paint. I was amazed that the evolution of the painting is even more apparent Born in Quebec, I graduated from Concordia University in Montréal. I now live in Caledon, Ontario. As a graphic designer, I transitioned in 2011 to an artist with a professional studio practice. I should rephrase that; I was an artist with a profession in graphic design. Truly, I celebrated my inner artist while, as an artist, bowing everything I learned as a graphic designer. That sounds rather noncommittal. No matter what, I’ve always found a way to express myself in a visual manner. Period. I’ll leave the rest to you!


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