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About the Artist

Allison Rietta

Toronto , ON

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Allison Rietta’s work combines spirituality, nature and architecture in bold artistic pieces. Her work explores sacred—or mystic geometry—tapping into the magic of imagination and the suconscious mind as she creates pieces that sometimes energize and other times soothe. Working mainly with watercolours and acrylics on paper or wood panels, Allison plays with layers as she riffs with textures, colours, and the interplay between shapes and forms. Her pieces embrace the disparate as she threads seemingly random line and colours into works that can be simultaneously “put apart” and “taken apart” by the mind’s eye. Her art answers the question of “When do you put it together?” and “When do you take it apart?” Intuitive-based, she thrives on the thrill of starting with nothing as she moves from an abstract mark or gesture of moving parts that eventually coalesce in inimitable expressions in her work.


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