We love working with partners to offer you access to the resources that will help boost your business at the show and beyond. And this one right here was the one that sparked it all!

Meet Ani Nersessian, owner of VM ID. She prides herself in offering Visual Merchandising services that are catered towards small retail businesses. Whether it’s help through consulting, sourcing or hands-on labour, she understands your needs through her own experience of working in different retail environments and can offer efficient and practical advice to help make your booth space work for you!

So, don’t be shy--say hi!

And check out Ani video breakdown of what makes a Best Booth at the show!



Booth Revamp + Refresh, $60

Digital report with diagnosis of opportunities for elevating presentation and sellability based on submission of photos

Booth from Scratch, $60/hr

Services helping with design from scratch via consultations, sourcing and/or graphic renderings.

Onsite Consultation  ** SPECIAL OFFER -- ONLY AVAILABLE AT OOAK ** $20 (+ $40 upgrade)

20-minute onsite consultation at your booth, with upgrade option to include post-consultation report.

Merchandising Labour Services, $40/hr

Hands-on mocking up booth set-up (at location in Toronto) or on-site merchandising help for setting up/finessing throughout.



*  prices do not include applicable taxes.




WOW! I had never realized how much value a visual merchandiser can offer a company. I was recommended to use Ani's services through the One of A Kind Show team. Ani quickly told me what her honest thoughts were on my ideas for a booth design and layout. She took the foundations of my thoughts and elevated them to the next level. Not only did this make my job easier, on top of everything else she created a report with instructions. Ani is absolutely amazing, kind, intelligent and above all, she is really creative. I am so glad I used Ani’s consultation services and I can't wait to continue working with her for all events in the future. I would highly recommend Ani's services to anyone that is looking for visual merchandising help, you won't regret it!

Abbi Warden, Lex and Joe Collar Co

While exhibiting at the Christmas One of a Kind Show in Toronto, I had the opportunity to have a consultation on my booth set up with visual merchandising consultant, Ani Nersessian. I'm so happy to report that I had the most positive experience with her. Not only was she efficient with her time, she was friendly and effective. From the start of our meeting she was "on," offering me feedback on what was working and what was not for my booth and product display. When I told her why my choices for display were this or that, she offered concrete and sound suggestions and alternatives. Not only did she constructively (and in the most diplomatic of ways) critique my booth, but she asked me about what was important to me regarding my products. With my responses, she gave practical and helpful suggestions on how to convey my vision to my customers. Ani listened carefully and was encouraging as well as realistic. I definitely recommend her services!

Hannelore Sotzek, Hannelore's Storyworks

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